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Cold War Legacy Records, like every project, began as a dream. It is the brainchild of two guys named Ants and Mark who had been knocking around the Glasgow music scene for a number of years in a couple of failed bands. When it was originally conceived the music scene in Glasgow wasn’t as good as it is now, and there weren’t as many great labels as there are now.

The dream began in 2007 and it was finally thrown into life in 2012. Why the delay? Life. Life and lack of bands we wanted to support. And money; money was always scarse.

There isn’t a great deal more to say about it, really. Born in September 2012, we’ve put out some great records so far. We’re trying to do things a bit differently and, yes, we know that sounds a bit trite and cliché but it’s also the absolute truth. Every EP or album we’ve released is music we love with the burning passion of a thousand red hot fiery suns. It’s music that excites us, elicits passion in our hearts, lumps in our throats and also makes us fear for our lives when we’re confronted with it in a live environment.

We’ve no mantra. We’ve no goal or ethos. We just love music and want to help bands get to the next level, whatever that happens to be.

We believe in two things: loud fucking music, and artist equality.

We’re non-profit and, if anything, we heartily believe in the anarchist idea of the collective. We don’t sign bands, we simply release their records. Some bands will only release one record with us, some might release a few; we’re happy to work with all.

As the seasons change we plan to mark this with a free shows in Glasgow’s Bloc in a night entitled 'Arms Race'. Bloc is home to a few great nights already, but that’s not why we chose that particular venue, we chose it because its ethos is something we identify with.

We hope to release at least four records a year, if not more. If you want to contact us, hit the contact button at the top of the page.


CWL001: First Step to Failure - Our True Enemy Has Yet to Reveal Himself (October 29th, 2012).
CWL002: The Recovery! - Wherever Nowhere Takes Us (February 11th, 2013).
CWL003: Brace - Conscious Thinking (March 1st, 2013).
CWL00A: Citagazi - Citagazi (April 20th, 2013).
CWL004: Classified: Top Secret.