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A crushing reminder about just how grim the Granite City can be, BRACE are a veritable musical tour-de-force; a heady mixture of sludgy guitars, frenetic metal drumming and guttural screaming. BRACE are no stranger to bleak Northern nights in sweaty, crowded venues. Their new EP 'Conscious Thinking' is an exercise in controlled demolition.

Formed in late 2011, they quickly demonstrated why they are a band to watch, releasing a split with fellow Scots Cleric, entitled 'A Swollen Tongue and High Hopes'. However, the band's reputation in Scotland really comes off the back of their insane and unpredictable live show. Seriously, we'd be lying if we said there hasn't been a moment during their live show where we didn't genuinely fear for our lives, as singer Adam Dempster leaves the stage behind to get in people's faces, while the rest of the band lose their collective minds in unison to the aural chaos they're creating.

Aberdeen's BRACE are a force of nature. Their debut EP 'Conscious Thinking' is a masterful whirlwind of crushing, atmospheric metal. Unique, terrifying and very much an insight into life's darker side. Definitely one for fans of Parkway Drive or The Ghost Inside.

'Conscious Thinking' was released on March 1st 2013 and can be heard below. For a physical release, we eschewed the traditional method of releasing a CD and instead we decided to do something unique: a limited edition set which includes a reverse side poster, with the album artwork on one side and handwritten lyrics on the other; a patch; a hand made, hand numbered envelope with two reversable postcards, one of which contains a download codewith which you can download the EP, the video for the song 'And Keep On Walking', photos and the lyrics. It's limited to 100 copies and very, very special.

You can check out the videos for the songs 'And Keep On Walking' and 'Line After Line' below.