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You wouldn't know it, but Citagazi have been knocking around for a wee while. We didn't know it either to be honest, and we thought it an absolute travesty that was the case, so we've decided to rectify that by making them known to the wider world.

Citagazi are four of Glasgow's angriest men. In fact, they're so angry that we really think they give our lads BRACE a run for their money, and that's saying something. If you can imagine what it'd be like to shit out a pine cone, that's how intense Citagazi are. They are particularly fond of getting right in people's faces, and even starting the odd fight, so when you see them live, you're probably gonna want to wear some kind of protection. Both sexually, and physically because who knows how these boys will violate you?

Well, that's a lie. We do know of at least one way they'll violate you and that's sonically. Picture, if you will, in your mind's eye, the sonic assault of Refused at their absolute loudest, then put those five guys in a bar fight with Will Haven, both parties armed exclusively with broken table legs, beer bottles, pool cues and Cancer Bats CDs and that is, we feel, a good approxiation of how dirty, heavy and loud the sound of Citagazi is.

If anything, they're the embodiment of everything this label stands for: Loud. Fucking. Music.

Their demo/EP is available for "whatever price you want" over on our bandcamp right now. I mean, it's potentially free so why wouldn't you download it if you like loud, aggressive music?

Expect big things from them soon; they're going to be everywhere if we have anything to do with it.

One question remains though: what even is a Citagazi anyway?!